Ponder: “Generating and Testing Hypotheses.”   How do they correlate with the instructional strategy and constructivist/constructionist learning theories?

The constructionist is a theory of learning that states, people learn best when they build an external artifact or something they can share with others. In the book Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works the authors explore using the instructional strategy of generating and testing hypotheses through curriculum. When students collect data as in an external artifact it usually answers some questions and generates new ones.  The cycle of inquiry can be repeated many times.

Project based learning is a dynamic approach to teaching in which students explore real-world problems and challenges. With this type of active and engaged learning, students are inspired to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they’re studying (edutopia, 2012). When students learn through projects they build artifacts through trial and error and then share their new-found knowledge with others.

Personally, I have rarely used a the project based approach in my classroom. I find that I have not found the right approach that gets all students actively engaged. I feel its unfair if students work in pairs or groups, one or two people end up doing more work than the others. How do I find the balance were all students share the responsibility? Now that technology is becoming more integrated into classrooms, I see that through wikis and Google docs students are more closely monitored and one student can not get away with doing less work then others.


Pitler, H., Hubbell, E., Kuhn, M., & Malenoski, K. (2007). Using technology with classroom instruction that works. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.



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  1. Have you thought about offline Cooperative Learning Groups? These work great with any grade level and all students in the pairs or groups are held responsible. This could easily transfer to Google Docs and wikis, and beyond. Students have roles within the group so that every student has a hand in the learning process.

  2. I agree that Learning Groups work well. I do hold every member of the group accountable and have gone so far as everyone using a different color to show their part in the project. I am excited to use wikis on my next Cooperative Learning project.

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