Ponder through reflection

In week one I described my “Personal Theory of Learning” to be close to the Constructivist theory in which learners build new ideas and concepts based on their current or past knowledge. The subject I chose to focus on was math through my Walk to Math classroom. This course, Bridging Learning Theory, Instruction, and Technology has opened my eyes to a few things I do well and where I need to make some changes. In math I have never really thought about technology integration beyond the tools the teacher uses. Since this class I have purchased an IPad and have sound several great APPs that can aid student learning and get them more excited about math. Students need practice beyond pencil and paper and there are many great technology tools that let students explore the math subject while giving them the practice and feedback they need. One of the tools I will use in my math classroom is the math app Math Bingo and the website Xtramath.org. I had previously used Xtramath but just as an extra practice students could do at home if they had access to a computer. Now I will use all the services on the website and have students do the five minute drills for the classroom that gives the students instant feedback. Math Bingo is a great App to use whole group or with teams to get the students to collaboratively think of what the possible answers could be. For my reading and social studies class I have also learned how to give feed back through technological form and how easy it is for both the students and I to converse. VoiceThread is a great website to get students opinion and teach the students how to make comments in any format.  VoiceThread will become a part of my weekly reading class novel studies and students read the story I will ask comprehension questions that students can answer through the VoiceThread and see how their classmates answered the same questions.


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