Pondering how to carry out my Game Plan:


Goal one: To create a classroom website with a blog attached to increase parent communication.

Steps I have taken: I have set up a website at http://classjump.com/dolezal. I have made a list of the top five things I think my website needs to make it a success.

  1. The ability to download homework assignments
  2. The ability to email the teacher
  3. The months calendar on display
  4. The ability for parents to get updates on classroom activities through email
  5. The ability to separate our classes

Information I still need: How to attach a weekly blog.

Learning Strategy: When creating a blog/website I will use the focused listing and questioning approach. I have solicited a few parents to help me on my trial run of the website and they will provide feedback and ask questions to help me create the most user friendly website.

Goal two: Through the Wax Museum project I will model for my students how to research on the internet, site their resources appropriately, and give credit for others thoughts.

Steps I have taken: I have assigned the wax museum assignment to the fourth graders. I have asked students to find one book resource and one online resource. Stipulating that students bring in the URL for their resource.

What I am currently working on: Lesson plans on teaching safe, legal, and ethical citation on their resources.

Cites I have found to aid my lessons:





Learning Strategy: When learning how to correct site sources students will use the note check strategy and think-pair share strategy to make sure that they understand what is being asked of them.



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