Update on the GAME Plan

Ponder: Monitoring of progress in my GAME Plans

Goal one: To create a classroom website with a blog attached to increase parent communication.

This past week I downloaded a test assignment, emailed myself, and added a important classroom date to the calendar. I find the website somewhat difficult to navigate, but appreciate that you can contact them and get help. I am still working on my parent email list, and separating out my different classes.  I did find out that the blog portion of my website will not be available for sometime, as it is currently not a feature, but will be by the next school year. I have learned that having a GAME Plan takes time and will not happen over night. My next steps are to finish my list and get parent input.

Goal two: Through the Wax Museum project I will model for my students how to research on the internet, site their resources appropriately, and give credit for others thoughts.

This past week the students received their Wax Museum persona and I showed students how to use student friendly search engines like http://www.kidrex.org/ or http://www.safesearchkids.com/ to find resources. I assigned that they find two resources over spring break and bring back the appropriate URL for the site. I am learning with fourth graders that I need to take this research assignment one step at a time and be very clear about steps to proper citation. I am still working on my lesson plans and want to gear it towards the URL the students bring me. So far I have no questions regarding this GAME Plan and am excited to get this project moving.


2 thoughts on “Update on the GAME Plan

  1. Billina,
    I respectfully would like to ask you why a blog should be attached to the website? Unfortunately I have not had experience with creating a website. Could the website not be set up to be interactive so that parents could respond on it?
    As far as conducting research, I also work with fourth grade and totally agree that technology integration should be a step by step process. I have tried to go through the process somewhat quickly especially when I was teaching students how to conduct research during my last course. That was a big mistake. I have found that taking it slow and step by step works much better. I can’t wait to hear how your wax museum project turns out. It is an awesome idea!

  2. Billina, I think it is great that you have a step-by-step idea of what you need to do for your GAME plan. This helps to keep things organized and helps you monitor your progress. I also completely agree that this does not happen overtime! Just as with our lessons, we must be flexible and learn that things will not always go as planned. Because of this, we need to always have room for growth and be open to change or new ideas. This will help our project continue to progress, even if it is in a way that we had not expected.

    I am also interested to find out more about your Wax Museum project. I had read through your previous posts but did not find any details about the project. I love finding new lessons and forms of instruction! I am excited to see how your project turns out! I also looked at the two search engines you had listed and love how kid friendly they are! It is important that we monitor what are students are searching and it seems that these sites are a step in the right direction!

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